Yeldagalga : P-14115

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  • P-14115
  • Yeldagalga Creek
  • Alaska
  • AK


  • AJT Mining Properties


The proponent of the project surrendered this preliminary permit on Dec 7, 2012. Read the related FERC notice here.

As proposed, the proposed project would consist of:

  1. a 10-foot-high, 50-foot-wide diversion dam;
  2. an overflow spillway;
  3. a 42-inch-diameter, 2,500-foot-long penstock;
  4. a powerhouse containing a turbine/generating unit rated at 8 megawatts;
  5. a short tailrace; 
  6. living quarters for personnel;
  7. a dock and barge landing facility;
  8. a 34.5-kilovolt, 16-mile-long overhead transmission line connecting to a terminal in
  9. Comet; and
  10. appurtenant facilities.
The estimated annual generation of the project would be 31,000 megawatt-hours.
Source: FERC