Check out some of the videos produced by they Hydropower Reform Coalition and our members relating to rivers and hydropower.

You Can't Dam Your Way to Paradise - 2018

Building the Temperance Flat Dam would drown the public lands on the San Joaquin River Gorge forever.

You Can't Dam Your Way to Paradise from Zephyr Visuals on Vimeo.


Hydropower Reform Can Save Rivers - 2013

See how improving operations at hydropower projects can improve river conditions 

Save the Skykomish River - 2012

Watch this video about the Skykomish River in Washington, which is threatened by proposed dam development at Sunset Falls. 


Year of the River- 2012

Dubbed "Year of the River" by Coalition member American Rivers, 2012 saw the beginning of the end of large dams in the United States. This year marked the start of removal of Elwha and Glines Canyon and Condit dams on the Elwha and White Salmon rivers respectively, These dam removal projects are the largest in history and represent a turning point in the effort to restore freeflowing rivers for salmon, recreation and culture.

Year of the River

Year of the River: Episode 1

Year of the River: Episode 2

Year of the River: Episode 3

Trout on the Wind - 2010

Check out the trailer for the award-winning video on the 2009 removal of Hemlock dam and the restoration of 12 miles of Washington State's Trout Creek.


Klamath River

This video explains the need to remove the dams for restoration of Klamath River.













Milltown Dam Removal

Video of the removal of Milltown Dam on the Clark Fork River, near Missoula Montana. The dam was breached on March 28th, 2008.













Marmot Dam Removal

Check out this video on the removal of Marmot dam on Oregon's Sandy River in 2007. 













Wild and Scenic Mokelumne River

This video highlights the significance of the Mokelumne River in the Sierra and the San Joaquin Delta.













Small Hydro Parody

Small Hydro Parody (French subtitles)
Credits: Vincent Richard

Small Hydro Parody (Romanian subtitles)
Credits: WWF Romania