House Subcommittee holds hearing on hydropower

On Thursday, June 12, House Subcommittee on Water and Power held a hearing on hydropower's future. Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-5th WA), a ranking member in the Subcommittee had requested for the hearing.

Coalition chair American Rivers submitted a written testimony while Richard Roos-Collins of Natural Heritage Institute, also a Coalition member, was a witness at the hearing. A total of 9 witnesses, including the hydropower industry and government testified at the hearing.


Hydropower Development: AFS Policy Statement

Vol 17 (1) 32

Background information on history of hydropower in U.S., as well as attention paid to the Pacific Northwest, Intermountan West and New England regions. Policy of AFS is to promote the conservation and preservation of remaining free-flowing stream habitats in North America and to: 1. Encourage and support the development of comprehensice fisheries plans and management objectives. 2. Encourage further development and integration of standardized procedures in hydropower impact assessment. 3. Support better research to define critical impact thresholds for water quality parameters most commonly affected by hydropower projects. 4. Support the development of mitigation techniques and technologies intended to reduce or eliminate adverse impacts to fisheries resources from hydropower development 5. Encourage licensing agencies to establish a fund, either project-specific or pooled, that is sufficient to cover removal and restoration costs of nonfederal projects upon license termination. 6. AFS recomends that agencies consider relicensing under present environmental standards.


Tyrus , H.M. , Winter , B.D.


American Fisheries Society