flow regime requirements

Development of an Holistic Approach for Assessing Environmental Flow Requirements of Riverine Ecosystems. Water Allocation for

pp 69-79

In this paper we describe the key features of the holistic approach for assessing the environmental flow requirements of riverine ecosystems. We identify the fundamental features of the natural hydrological regime which are of ecological importance, each of which would require an allocation of water, and then describe how these individual water allocations are used to rebuild a modified flow regime. In taking this approach, we have identified many deficiencies in our understanding of ecological responses to streamflow, and have outlined some of th emost important and demanding topics for further research. Finally, we stress the need for closer collaboration among ecologists, hydrologists, engineers and water managers in the development of water allocation strategies and environmentally sound approaches to river management.


Arthington, A.H., King, J.M., O'Keffe, J.H.


American Rivers produced abstract