flood control

Inventory and Assessment of USDA/SWCD Watershed Dams


The Georgia State Soil and Water Conservation Commission (Commission), in partnership with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Georgia Environmental Protect Division (EPD), has begun to evaluate the flood control dams, designed and constructed under federal laws PL 544 and PL 566, to determine which structures can be modified to serve as water supply reservoirs.The results of the analyses presented herein are based upon United States Geological Survey (USGS) quadrangle maps and, therefore, should be utilized for planning purposes only. If any of the subject projects are identified as having a possibility of progressing past this analysis, additional studies will be required. These studies will include but not be limited to detailed environmental evaluations, detailed yield analyses, preliminary engineering design, and detailed cost estimating. These additional studies will be required prior to beginning detailed design work and/or land acquisition. The level of study presented herein shall be considered as a screening tool to evaluate the one project strengths and weaknesses relative to other projects. Until further studies are performed, actual yield and environmental factors associated with each project can not be readily determined.


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