Laws Governing Hydropower

The hydroelectric licensing process in the United States is inclufenced by many laws and statutes promulgated by the US Congress over the years. Learn more about the laws and how they affect hydropower licensing.

Hydro Guides

Our Hydro Guides can serve as valuable resource for all stakeholders, including the licensee, and the general public during the FERC licensing procedure.

Court Cases

The court cases page provides a brief summary of the legal cases related to hydropower licensing. It also provides links to the summary and the court decision for each case.


The bibliography page lists resources including books, publications, and journal articles that are relevant to hydropower or river issues. The resources are listed under four broad areas: Economic, Engineering, Policy/Law and Science/Ecology. Not all documents are available for copyright reasons.

License Summaries

The Hydropower Reform Coalition (HRC) and the River Management Society (RMS) have conducted a pilot program to summarize select hydropower licenses and settlements. Read more.