Ohio River

Orrville Surrenders Application Before FERC

The City of Orrville, OH, has surrendered its license for the Pike Island hydropower project before FERC.

The project, authorized for 49.5 MW and never constructed, would have been located at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Pike Island Locks and Dam on the Ohio River in Ohio County, West Virginia, and Belmont County, Ohio.

A recent progress report filed by GenPower Services, the City’s agent, had stated-


City of Hamilton to generate electricty at Meldahl Locks and Dam

The City of Hamilton, OH has obtained a federal license to operate a 106 MW hydropower facility at the Captain Anthony Meldahl locks and dam near Augusta, Kentucky. According to the license issued yesterday, the project to be located on the existing Army Corps dam on the Ohio River, will occupy about 81 acres of federal lands.